Amazing Grits

Amazing Grits

I've been cooking grits with increasing regularity over the years; I love them! I think they're one of the most underrated foods. Some people are intimated by them because they don't know how to cook them, don't know how to cook them well, or don't know what to cook them with. Let's solve that!

There are two keys to good grits. That's it. The rest is all preference. First, be sure to infuse the flavor in the grits by seasoning the stock you cook them in. Secondly, don't be scared to overcook them. You won't. Cook them longer if you feel they're too crunchy. They'll get soft. 

Below you'll find my favorite recipe for cooking grits. Keep in mind you can change the seasonings to fit your meal and the amount of dairy to fit your diet. Here at Full Circle, we're all about learning to adjust and experiment with cooking. Recipes are meant to be adapted, not memorized. 



  • 1 cup corn grits
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup milk (You can use less milk or no milk, but be sure to supplement with an equivalent amount or water.)
  • 1 cup broth (Some broth bullion is best dissolved in boiling water. If you're using bullion, first boil the water, then add bullion to boiling pot.)
  • 1 stick of butter (I've used 1/2 stick as well as no butter, and the recipe has come out fine.)
  • 1 tsp. spice mix (I HIGHLY recommend this homemade creole seasoning. A Mexican spice blend works very well also.)
  • 1 tsp. black pepper
  • 1 tsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tsp. onion powder
  • Optional: 1 cup shredded cheese



  • Boil the 3 cups of liquid (combination of water, milk, and broth)
  • Once boiling, add broth bullion if applicable, butter, and spices. Mix well.
  • Slowly stir in 1 cup grits (adding too quickly can cause clumping).
  • Lower heat to low to medium-low, stir, and simmer for 20-30 minutes until grits reach preferred tenderness. You will need to stir frequently at first. Be cautious of splattering.
  • Periodically add additional water or broth as the grits thicken up and continue cooking. I usually keep an extra 1/2 cup water on hand with some extra creole seasoning mixed in to use as needed.
  • Once grits reach preferred softness, add toppings such as onions, cheese, sour cream, etc. These go very well with brats or eggs.  

(Serves 3-4; recipe doubles easily)


With Brats and Onions:

  • While grits simmer, sauté onions and cook bratwurst.
  • Slice bratwurst, and sauté with onions. Add small splash of the leftover seasoned water from above to make them extra flavorful.
  • Serve on top of a big tasty bowl of grits, and thank me later!


Bring the Toppings:

While grits can be great on their own, they really help support and bring heartiness to many meals. Filling and fairly neutral in flavor, they pair well alongside many cuisines. Try substituting them for potatoes or rice on your plate. Personally, I love flavors and spices from Mexican foods, so you’ll often find me pairing my grits with peppers, onions, cumin, and salsa. 


Our grits are grown and processed by Sacred Sun Farm outside of Perry, KS. Though processed with different equipment, the grits are processed in a facility that also processes wheat flour.


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