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Enjoy a dozen rainbow eggs from Liveable Acres or brown eggs from Sweetlove Farm.

Sweetlove Farm rotates their hens around the pasture in movable open-air hoop houses in Jefferson County. By raising their laying hens in their pasture with constant access to green grass, weeds, seeds, and bugs, fresh air and sunshine, the hens are healthy and produce their best possible eggs. Rich in protein, balanced in fats, high in vitamins and beta carotene, their eggs are as good for you as they are good-tasting.

Livable Acres raises a flock of heritage breed chickens at their organic permaculture farm in Berryton, KS. Raising a variety of slow growing and less common breeds of hens provides a fun variety of rainbow eggs. Their flock’s diet is free range and breeds include French Maran, Welsummer, Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Americana, and more!

Want to learn more about the extra benefits to both our planetary and personal health from pastured and free ranging chickens? OR the differences between types of chickens? Enjoy this fun interview with chicken expert Pat Foreman discussing the important nuance to chickens and eggs (and how they can save the planet)! Dig even deeper into the benefits of eggs laid by chickens who have access to free ranging ... Mother Earth News has the data.
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