Sautéed Leeks and Red Leaf Heads

Sautéed Leeks and Red Leaf Heads

This weekend I played out in the garden and caught up on yard work. Fueled by sunshine and bird songs, I found myself working longer than planned. On a voyage inside to gather a forgotten tool, I paused for a glass of water. Enticed by the kitchen, I realized I was a bit hungry and that a snack was in order to keep fueled. Wanting something quick, light, and fresh, I decided to make a quick salad with some items from last week’s veggie box. It was rather simple, but thought I’d share the incredibly tasty recipe. 


  • Preheat skillet on medium to medium high
  • Add a small quantity of olive oil or butter to the pan and sauté sliced leeks until lightly crispy
  • Take washed red leaf lettuce (head still intact if you prefer to let out your WILD side!) and drizzle with a light amount of olive oil and vinegar, add salt and pepper to taste
  • Add sautéed leeks to lettuce and enjoy
  • Hard boiled egg optional


The leeks hold a surprisingly distinct yet mellow flavor that really carries this salad. Part of the fun for me was eating the mini lettuce heads whole—it reminds me of eating produce right out of the garden growing up. I’m excited to add leeks to my omelet later this week!

-Robert, Topeka Growers Group

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