TerraCycle with Full Circle Sustainability

TerraCycle with Full Circle Sustainability

The first steps are refusing, reducing, and reusingand we try to do as much of that as we can! (See our guide on sending back packaging for us to reuse.) 

But even when we do that, most of us still have a lot of waste to recycle. And we end up throwing a lot of things away because there just isn't any place locally to recycle it.

We want to help change that! We're working with TerraCycle to collect a wide variety of hard-to-recycle itemseverything from skateboards to sauce packets! TerraCycle takes this waste and uses it to make items like outdoor plastic furniture and floor tiles. You can learn more about their process here: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/about-terracycle/our_recycling_process.

Full Circle’s mission is to make low-waste living easier, so we’re excited to start serving as a TerraCycle collection hub! 

On Thursdays, from 5:00-7:00 p.m., bring your hard-to-recycle items to us at Stout Elementary, 2303 SW College Ave., Room 19, to send to TerraCycle. 

Most of the TerraCycle programs were funded from a grant from the Greater Topeka Partnership. We would like to purchase replacements once they fill up, and would appreciate a donation when recycling your items so we can continue the program in the future. If you know of an organization or business that would like to sponsor a box, please let us know.

Some items can be recycled for free with manufacturer-sponsored programs. Items that are part of the free TerraCycle programs are indicated.


Full Circle Recycling Program Accepted Materials


Garage Waste

  • Automotive parts (small)
  • Pet products
  • Sporting goods (small)
  • Home improvement materials (small)
  • Filters
  • Extension cords
  • Plastic packaging
  • Non-organic, non-hazardous waste generated in your garage and outdoor areas

 [Keep in mind that items must fit inside a 1' x 1' x 2' box]


Office Supplies

  • Staplers
  • Tape dispensers
  • Pens
  • Binders
  • Binder clips
  • Label backing
  • Card filers
  • Desk organizers
  • Markers
  • Paper clips
  • Pencils
  • Correction supplies
  • Paper cutters
  • Any non-electrical item used in your office


Garden Products

  • Lawn ornaments (small)
  • Sprinklers
  • Empty soil, stone, and mulch bags
  • Seed and sand bags
  • Planters and pots
  • Solar lights
  • Hoses and nozzles
  • Empty garden product packaging
  • Garden tools
  • Watering cans (small)
  • Any materials used to maintain, grow, or decorate a garden or yard

 [Keep in mind that items must fit inside a 1' x 1' x 2' box]


Kitchen Waste

  • Party supplies
  • Dining disposables
  • Fabric
  • Interior home furnishings
  • Cleaning supplies and packaging
  • Chip cans
  • Hard plastic cups
  • Food storage containers (brands intended for multiple uses, like Tupperware and Rubbermaid, are free)
  • Babybel brand cheese packaging (free)
  • Any non-organic waste generated in the kitchen


Food Packaging 

  • Flexible plastic packaging (Kroger is free)
  • Plastic foil-lined wrappers
  • Blister packs
  • Squeezable baby food and snack pouches (free)
  • Gerber baby food packaging (free)
  • Empty sauce packets (free)
  • Any brand and size of flexible plastic-based candy and snack packaging and wrappers


Coffee and Tea Items

  • Coffee and tea capsules
  • Aluminized packs and pouches
  • Coffee pots
  • French presses
  • Plastic, metal, or glass cups (#6 plastic cups are free)
  • Any non-electronic item or packaging associated with making or drinking coffee or tea

Note: We cannot take coffee filters or coffee grounds (but you can compost these if you have a place to do so!) 


Bathroom Waste

  • Razors, blades, and packaging (free)
  • Clean, empty makeup and skincare packaging (free)
  • Hair tools (curling irons, blow dryers, combs, etc.)
  • Toothbrushes and packaging (free)
  • Empty toothpaste and floss containers and packaging (free)


Socks and Shoes

  • Any type of shoes other than equipment such as ski boots or roller skates (sneakers are free)
  • Clean, used socks (free)
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