Morning Light Kombucha

  • Drink Local

    Morning Light Kombucha takes great pride in the relationships they’ve built with local farmers. They believe that sourcing their ingredients locally not only strengthens local food systems but is essential to bringing you the best and most nutritious kombucha possible!

  • Brewed with Purpose

    Morning Light’s mission is to provide the highest quality kombucha tea that nourishes our community, supports our local economy, strengthens local food systems, and gives back to Native American communities. Morning Light is committed to environmentally conscious business practices, minimizing waste, and inspiring sustainability in northeast Kansas.

  • What is Kombucha?

    How much sugar is in it? Does it have caffeine? How much should you drink? Find out the answers to these questions and more on Morning Light Kombucha’s FAQ…

    Frequently Asked Questions… 

The Spark of Morning Light

“My kombucha journey began after a 2010 autoimmune disease diagnosis. Determined to forge my own healing path, I went back to what I had learned throughout my life...that food is medicine. I discovered the importance of having a healthy gut and how it directly effects the immune system, so I began changing my eating habits. With the introduction of a diet rich in ferments and whole foods and the elimination of foods that trigger my flareups, I have been able to keep my autoimmune illness under control for over 1o years!

In 2011, I left my life in academia to raise my daughter closer to family, I was blessed to meet a beautiful friend, who shared a scoby with me. Within a month my counter top looked like a little lab, with brewing logs and jars of booch in various stages of fermentation. Soon family and friends fell in love with my brews and began sharing with others. I decided to take the leap and start my own kombucha company. After lots of hardwork, Morning Light Kombucha was born in 2016!

Morning Light Kombucha is a labor of pure and utter love, with the company thriving because of the generous help, and support from family, friends and our community. So from our family to yours….cheers to following your heart, living out your dreams and most importantly to your trusting your gut.”


-Melinda, Morning Light Kombucha