Limestone Gardens

  • Vegetable Diversity

    Year-round vegetable production requires a large variety of crops, growing methods, and strategies.

  • Here's the Dirt

    Food grown in soil helps restore precious topsoil while providing greater nutrient density over hydroponics.

  • Grass Fed Lamb

    Try Limestone Gardens' bundles of grass-fed lamb! Perfect for those trying lamb for the first time.

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Farming with Purpose

Limestone Gardens is a certified organic farm located just outside Overbrook. In addition to growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, owners Victor and Erica Gruebler raise a large flock of chickens for eggs and grass-fed lamb for meat. They also raise four kids (/helpful farm hands). Victor (a transplant from Los Angeles) and Erica (a Kansas native) have always loved the outdoors and are passionate about the environment.

They started Limestone Gardens in 2013 after learning more about problems related to our current food system: soil degradation, climate change, declining health, and the distance food travels from farm to consumer. Their style of farming helps address these issues. Beyond being certified organic, they do not use any types of pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. They are committed to regenerative agriculture—seeking to improve the land they farm. They use cover crops and livestock to help improve the soil health, do not till or plow, and are starting their own compost-building system.